Produce your music with session musicians on-demand

Musiversal is the only platform that provides you with top-tier session musicians, vocalists and music producers, all under one simple subscription.

Musiversal Musicians

World-class musicians
behind your track

Highly curated

We don’t look for any musician, we look only for the best of the best, the ones who are highly skilled and have proved it over and over.

Team players

Collaboration is the essence of creating music, our musicians aren’t only great at what they play, but they are great to work with.

Knowledgable and proactive

Apart from being genre versatile and technically proficient, our musicians are here to fill the gaps and complement your skillset.

A better, reliable and more affordable way to record your music

Recording with live musicians has always been a pain - from finding the right musician, scheduling a time to meet, setting up the studio and fitting them into your tight budget. Musiversal solves all of that and lets you focus on what you do best: creating music.

  • Record live, from anywhere
  • Book times that fit your schedule
  • Collaborate with the best musicians in the world
  • Produce more, produce better

Produce your song from start to finish

Musiversal isn’t your typical marketplace. We’re a remote recording studio made up of professional musicians, vocalists, producers and engineers, ready to bring your music to life.

  • Music producer to help get you session-ready
  • Pre-production, Arrangement and Transcription
  • World-class musicians to record your song
  • Audio engineers to edit/ comp your takes
  • Mix and Master with Grammy winners

So, How does it work?

Creating music has never been easier.


Book a session

Book a session with any available musician at any time you want.


Attend the session

Your session will be held over livestream with high resolution audio and video.


Download the recordings

Receive all of your stems in less than 24 hours after every session, in your preferred format.

Book a session

Each session is 30 mins long, plenty of time to record 2-3 full takes & more.

No more restrictions. Humanize your musical creativity with live instruments.

Let’s face it, nothing beats having your music being played by real musicians. It enriches the way you express your music and takes your sound to a whole new level.

  • Collaborate with seasoned professionals
  • Direct your recordings live from anywhere
  • Keep 100% ownership
  • Receive files in less than 24h

Ready to bring
your music to life

Whatever stage you’re at in your music creation journey, we’re here to help turn your ideas into a reality.

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Musiversal Musicians
Musiversal Musicians