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Henrique Vilhena
Apr '21
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Nuno Fernandes
Apr '23
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What exactly is Mixing, and why is it important for my song?

Mixing is the process of blending all the individual tracks and elements of a song together to create a cohesive and balanced mix. It involves adjusting levels, EQ, dynamics, and effects to achieve the desired sonic balance and clarity. Mixing is crucial because it ensures that each instrument and vocal in your song is audible, well-balanced, and contributes to the overall emotional impact of the music.

How do Mixing sessions work with Musiversal?

Mixing sessions with Musiversal are comprehensive and efficient. Our experienced engineers work diligently over the course of a full day to blend the instruments and vocals of your track using a series of techniques to ensure they sound their best and complement each other harmoniously. The session typically spans a full day of work, approx 6 hours, with an optional 1-hour livestream moment halfway through for you to join, check up on progress, hear the initial mix and provide any suggestions or directions if you wish; before the engineer then completes the rest of the mix.

What materials do I need to provide for a Mixing session?

To ensure a successful Mixing session, you'll need to provide either your DAW's session file (Pro Tools or Logic) containing every microphone's track of every instrument, or separate stems per microphone exported in the grid. Additionally, include a reference track link for the engineer to understand your desired sound and any additional information or specifics for the mix.

What happens during a Mixing session?

During a Mixing session, our engineer meticulously blends the instruments of your track, automates levels for emphasis, and ensures the emotional intent of the music is captured. This process involves adjusting EQ, dynamics, and effects to achieve the desired sonic characteristics while maintaining clarity and balance throughout the mix.

What's the difference between Mixing and Mix Advice?

Mixing involves the technical and creative process of blending individual tracks and elements of a song together to create a cohesive and balanced mix. Mix Advice, on the other hand, offers consultation and critique on an existing mix, providing insights and recommendations for improvement based on the engineer's expertise and experience.

What's the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

While Mixing focuses on blending individual tracks and elements to create a cohesive mix, Mastering involves preparing the mix for distribution by enhancing its overall sonic characteristics and ensuring consistency across different playback systems. Mixing addresses the balance and clarity of individual elements, while Mastering optimizes the entire mix for volume, tonal balance, and dynamic range.

What won't happen during a Mixing session?

It's essential to understand that certain tasks, such as selecting the best takes, editing rhythmic issues, and tuning vocals or instruments, are not part of the Mixing process. Additionally, completing your track for publishing or distribution is the role of a Mastering session, not Mixing.

What deliverables can I expect after a Mixing session?

After a Mixing session with Musiversal, you'll receive a stereo uncompressed bounce of the mix, an a cappella version (vocals only), and an instrumental version (instruments only). You also have the option to receive separate stems per group of instruments for added flexibility in post-production.

How can I book a Mixing session?

Booking a Mixing session is easy and convenient with Musiversal. If you're already a subscriber, you can book directly within the app. Simply log in to your account, navigate to the session booking section, and select your preferred date and time for the Mixing session. If you're not yet a subscriber or prefer to book ad-hoc mixing, you can contact us at hello@musiversal.com, and our dedicated team will assist you in scheduling your session promptly.

How does Musiversal recruit its Mixing engineers?

Musiversal recruits top-tier Mixing engineers through a rigorous selection process that prioritizes talent, experience, and a passion for delivering exceptional mixes. Our team seeks out professionals with extensive industry experience and a proven track record of creating high-quality mixes across various musical genres. Our current team of Mixing Engineers boast multiple combined grammys.

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