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What is a Pre-Production session?

A Pre-Production session is a service designed to help you materialize your musical ideas and prepare them for recording. Our Music Producer will create professional-quality materials for you, bridging the gap from a conceptual musical idea to tangible materials ready for recording sessions. This ensures that your recording sessions yield the best possible results by providing our session musicians with high-quality materials to work with.

How can I benefit from Pre-Production?

Pre-Production offers several benefits:

  • Save time producing a chords chart.
  • Efficiently transition from a musical idea to a recording session.
  • Produce high-quality materials that optimize the recording session experience and output quality.

How does Pre-Production work?

To schedule a Pre-Production session, simply book a date and time with our Music Producer. Once booked, you'll need to send the materials you currently have. The Producer will then work offline to create or improve your materials and deliver them to you by the end of the chosen date. This streamlined process ensures efficient collaboration and timely delivery of professional-grade materials.

What materials will I receive from Pre-Production?

After the Pre-Production session, you'll receive the following materials:

  • Audio files (Stems) for the Melody and Harmony in WAV format (48kHz/24bit).
  • A chords chart in the correct form, tonality, and BPM.
  • MIDI tempo map, if applicable.
  • Optionally, suggestions for which musicians/instruments to record and in what order.

How does Musiversal hire its producers?

At Musiversal, we employ a rigorous selection process to identify and onboard top-tier Music Producers. Our recruitment team seeks out talented producers with extensive experience in music production, songwriting, and audio engineering. We prioritize candidates who demonstrate a strong understanding of various musical genres and production techniques, as well as a passion for collaborating with artists to bring their musical visions to life. Once selected, our producers undergo comprehensive training and orientation to familiarize themselves with our platform, workflow, and the specific needs of our subscribers, ensuring a seamless and productive collaboration experience.

Typically, how much does pre-production (creating session materials) cost?

The cost of pre-production (creating session materials) can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the extent of revisions required, and the experience level of the Music Producer. Usually, pre-production is in the many hundreds of dollars and turnarounds can take days if not weeks. At Musiversal, pre-production sessions are included as part of your monthly subscription, offering exceptional value for musicians seeking professional-grade materials to enhance their recording sessions.

What materials do I need to provide for Pre-Production?

You can provide a variety of materials, including:

  • Lyrics
  • Chords sheets
  • MIDI files
  • Sibelius files
  • Audio mock-ups
  • Voice recordings
  • Additionally, you may include any written materials, such as PDFs containing lyrics or chords. It's important to consider providing materials for one instrument/voice per booked session, with a maximum music time of 5 minutes per session.

What happens if I have someone outside Musiversal singing on my song/track?

If you have an external singer, the Producer will provide provisional materials in a range that might fit the male or female voice. You can then share these materials with your singer to determine their preferred key. Once you have this information, you can send it back to us for adjustments to the materials accordingly.

Can I request scores or transcribed melodies during Pre-Production?

No, the Pre-Production session does not include scores or transcribed melodies. However, if you require these, you can book a separate transcription session with the Producer.

How can I ensure the best outcome from my Pre-Production session?

To ensure the best outcome, provide clear and detailed materials for the Producer to work with. Communicate any specific preferences or requirements you have for the materials, and be responsive to any follow-up questions or requests for clarification from the Producer. This collaborative approach will help streamline the process and ensure that the resulting materials meet your expectations.

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